Herpes Diet

The herpes virus cannot be completely eliminated from your body but there are strategies and treatments you can use to reduce the outbreaks or never have an outbreak again.

Herpes can be controlled to some extent by an appropriate diet, without the side effects of medication. A herpes diet is a specially designed food diet which can be useful and very effective in fighting the herpes virus. Patients are specifically recommended to have a diet rich in Lysine and low in Arginine. Lysine is an amino acids which is commonly found in protein-rich food, especially in meat and dairy products.

Foods That Can Improve Herpes Outbreaks

The best foods to eat are dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt. Other recommended foods are fish and meat. These all have a high content of Lysine, which plays an important role in restoring damaged muscle tissues.

Some scientists claim that the ideal diet should have a Lysine to Arginine ratio of 60:40 although there doesn’t seem to be clear evidence for this. However, the intake of Lysine should be higher than Arginine so that the body gets enough strength to fight against the virus effectively.

It is also possible to buy Lysine supplements which is especially helpful for vegans and vegans who might not get enough Lysine with their regular diet. Other supplements against herpes are Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin E. They can all help to strengthen your immune system and thereby reducing outbreaks.

Foods To Avoid During Herpes Outbreaks

You should avoid foods that are rich in Arginine, especially when undergoing a genital herpes breakout. Arginine is an amino acid found that is glycogenic, which means that it can be converted into sugar, which the herpes simplex virus loves to eat as a source of nutrition and in turn gives you more painful herpes outbreaks than usual.

Foods that are rich in Arginine include brown rice, caffeine, raisins, seeds, soybeans, carob, lentils, tofu, wheat germ, coconut, peas, garlic, whole wheat flour, gelatin, and oatmeal.

Other foods to avoid during herpes outbreak include all food groups belonging to the nut family. Be particularly aware that peanut butter is highly rich in arginine, which may trigger a herpes outbreak so steer clear from peanuts. A herpes outbreak may be stimulated when the lysine-arginine amino acid balance in your body is upset. For this reason, take less arginine and more lysine enriched food such as eggs, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, avocados, papayas, tomatoes, sprouts, Brewer’s yeast, beets, and dairy products.

Herpes outbreaks may worsen when you take in foods that are rich in sugar content such as sodas, colas, and caffeine beverages such as coffee and black tea. The herpes virus uses sugar actively to support its rapid growth so you must avoid eating too much sugar-rich foods. Junk food should also be avoided as they contain ingredients that decrease the strength of your immune system making you susceptible to acute or prolonged herpes outbreak.

Lastly, steer clear from the yummy chocolate foods during an outbreak because studies have shown that this food contains a substance called metylxantil. Metylxantil in chocolates have been found to greatly suppress your immune system thus making you susceptible to more herpes infection and outbreaks.

All in all, a specific herpes diet during the course of an outbreak may help you control symptoms and prevent recurring outbreaks. You should always take note that foods rich in lysine content should be the primary consideration and foods rich in arginine should be avoided at all cost.

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