Are you worried about herpes rash on the buttocks?

Just because the lesions and sores did not appear anywhere in the genital area does not mean that you do not have genital herpes. In fact, many people have mistaken their herpes rash on buttocks for something else, like an allergy, a yeast infection or psoriasis.

Anyone can be at risk of getting a herpes rash on the buttocks. Not only is spreading of the viruses – HSV-1 and HSV-2 – possible through sexual transmission, one can also catch the disease when making direct contact with the lesion or when catching a drop of saliva or other nasal secretions from the infected person when he or she is shedding.

In order to confirm that you actually have a herpes rash on the buttocks, look for the common symptoms. A common symptom is a rash or bumps, which later on develop into blisters around the infected area, which are usually painful. Aside from that, it is also possible for one to experience headaches, nausea and vomiting as well as fever and muscle ache. For some, swollen lymph nodes may also be possible as well as some discharge from the penis or vagina. Urination may even be painful for those who are infected with herpes.

Unfortunately, most of those who actually suffer from the disease do not show any signs and symptoms at all. Thus, a person will never see any herpes rash on buttocks and he or she will never know that he or she is actually infected. For those who do have symptoms, which usually appear around four to seven days after infection, they usually disappear in two to three weeks time but they can also be recurring.

It is a good thing, though, that recurrences do not always come as severe as the first sign of the disease. You will not experience as much as hassle with the herpes rash on the buttocks like the first time, but you will still have to find away to treat them as they may be uncomfortable.

How does one treat herpes rash on buttocks?

Herpes can actually not be cured but it is treatable. This means that one cannot fully recover from it and the virus could stay hidden in the body. But the symptoms may be treated and the recurrences can be prevented. Usually, medications like antiviral drugs are recommended by doctors to control the viruses. Even though the virus may not be visible, medication can help a lot in preventing outbreaks and shedding.

How does one prevent the recurrence of herpes rash on buttocks?

Staying fit and healthy is the number one enemy of these viruses. Recurrences are often triggered by stress, so preventing that can help prevent herpes rash on the buttocks and on other parts of the body. Eating the right herpes diet, getting plenty of rest and sleep and exercising is the secret formula to keeping herpes rash on buttocks from getting worse and from coming back into the open again.

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