Remedies for Treating Herpes on Nose

While uncomfortable, nasal herpes is no more or less contagious than other forms of herpes. Of course, if you are suffering from herpes up and on your nose then it can become very frustrating, especially if people mention this to you on a regular basis. One of the biggest causes of getting cold sores up the nose is down to excessive mucus and phlegm. As mucus and phlegm builds up you are more inclined to blow your nose and this increases irritation meaning it is more likely for the coldsore to spread from around the mouth to the nasal passage.

Unfortunately getting rid of cold sores in the nose can be very difficult as it is a regularly used area of skin and the best cure for a cold sore is to leave it alone as much as possible. As this isn’t entirely possible with nasal herpes to leave it alone the best solution is to speed up recovery as much as possible. Vitamin C is one of the best solutions for helping to both cure and prevent cold sores from breaking out and so taking vitamins or drinking fresh fruit juice that is rich in Vitamin C is an excellent way to help with nasal herpes.

If you have a particularly bad breakout then using A&D Ointment can help to speed up recovery a lot. It helps to remove harmful bacteria from the area of skin that you apply it to and can fortify the skin with vitamins that are beneficial for fighting future breakouts. This fortification will make the skin more effective at fighting cold sores in the future.

Ginger paste and ginger oil are also both very good at relieving the worst symptoms of cold sores. As ginger has very warming properties it is very effective at reducing the discomfort you might feel when a cold sore attacks so can reduce the chances of you rubbing it through discomfort. This, along with the anti-bacterial properties makes it a very strong way of helping with nasal herpes.

Of course another way to deal with cold sores in the nose is to look after the sinuses themselves. Warm baths, plenty of warm fluids and using natural remedies on the area will help to reduce the issues of congestion as well as help to treat the cold sores themselves.

A strong immune system will make it easier to fight nasal herpes and will also reduce the chances of it popping up in the future. Vitamin C is a great way to keep the overall immune system at its peak and means you are less likely to suffer from cold sores as well as making them easier to fight when they do pop up. Nasal herpes is difficult to deal with sometimes but the more preventative action you take the less likely you are to suffer from reoccurring breakouts.

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